Asen Belkovski

Asen Belkovski was a Bulgarian artist, one of the most important figures in our restoration history. He is famous for his small scale paintings.
Asen Belkovski was born in 1879 in Asenovgrad. He had studied restoration and painting in Russia. During 1920 he made his first and unique solo exhibition in Bulgaria with 130 paintings, which were all bought in the first days after the opening. After this he participated in every other collective exhibition with one or two paintings, which stroke mostly the attention of a small number of experts. His most early works have remained in Russia. From the Russian scholars he picked up the ability to contemplate the nature in a correct and precise way and to search for the natural accurate expression in the field of the landscape. Having been studying the art of restoration, for a long period of time Asen Belkovski was the only restorer of art history monuments in Bulgaria. He had taken part in the interior drawing of the temple “Saint Alexander Nevski”. An amount of his paintings are being stored in the National Art Gallery, but mostly his works are owned by private collectors.