Dora Kancheva

Dora Kancheva was born on June 5, 1926 in Stara Zagora. In 1951, he graduated in painting at the National Art Academy in the class of Prof. Dechko Uzunov. Dora Kancheva's father - the artist Ganyu Ivanov, is a student of Prof. Ivan Mrkvichka. Apart from the family environment, her friendship with the artists Slavka Deneva and Lika Yanko had an influence on the development of her artistic style. The basis of Dora Kancheva's painting style is plein air painting - together with father and daughter Denevi, she travels around the villages in Sofia, in search of subjects that correspond to their non-traditional understanding of landscape.
Dora Kancheva works mainly in the field of painting. He creates seascapes, urban and natural landscapes, which are characterized by expressionistic drawing, large strokes and contrasts. Her paintings are an expression of the extraordinary side of life - even everyday and prosaic subjects are represented by the artist through the colors of festivity and light.
Works by Dora Kancheva are owned by almost all state galleries in our country, as well as private collectors all over the world.