Stoyan Venev

Stoyan Venev was born on September 21, 1904 in the village of Skriniano, Kyustendil municipality. He graduated from high school in Kyustendil in 1928, and even in his school years he collaborated with his cartoons in various newspapers and magazines. In 1931, he graduated in painting at the Art Academy, Sofia, in the class of Prof. Boris Mitov, Prof. Stefan Ivanov and Prof. Dimitar Gyuzhenov. In his early creative period, Venev already participated in art exhibitions and gained wide public popularity. He works mainly in the field of painting. He is also known as the author of numerous graphics and cartoons. Main themes in his work are folk life and folklore. In the domestic and social scenes he paints, there is always a light teasing with the primitivism of the Bulgarian peasant, while the artist uses sharper satire to expose the character of the bourgeoisie.Some of Venev's works were based on anti-fascist ideas, for which he was repeatedly brought under judicial responsibility before September 9, 1944.
Stoyan Venev is a co-founding member of the Society of New Artists. He organized solo exhibitions in Sofia (1942), Moscow (1965), GDR (1969), West Berlin (1971) and others. He participated with his paintings in collective art exhibitions in the USSR, Czechoslovakia, China, Berlin, Budapest, Leipzig, London, Paris, Vienna, Athens, Bucharest and New York. Jubilee exhibitions - in Sofia (1954, 1964, 1974, 2004) and Kyustendil (1984).
Works by the artist are owned by NAG, SCAG,The Dresden Gallery, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, as well as galleries in London, Paris, Chisinau, Petersburg and many private collectors.
He is a laureate of the Dimitrov Prize (1949 and 1953). Awarded the orders "Ninth of September" (1954), "People's Republic of Bulgaria" - 1st degree (1959 and 1974), "Kyril and Methodius" - 1st degree (1963) "G. Dimitrov" (1954,1964,1974) .
Died March 20, 1989.