Ivan Trichkov

Ivan Trichkov was born in 1892 in Vratsa. He graduated from the Art-Industrial School in Sofia in the class of Prof. P. Klisurov.

Known as one of the greatest Bulgarian landscape painters, Trichkov paints exclusively from nature. He works mainly with oil paints. A favorite subject in his work is the mountain, the beauty of which he transforms into his canvases through realistic and accurate drawing, halftones and gentle coloring. The landscapes of Trichkov are a synthesis of the most beautiful views in Stara Planina, Rila, Vitosha. The artist shows his love for the mountainous nature with particular emotionality when he paints in his native Vrachan Balkan.

Ivan Trichkov participated in many group exhibitions and organized solo expositions. He is reputed to be a favorite artist of Tsar Boris III, who owned many of his works. Landscapes by Trichkov can be found in the NHG and in other galleries and private collections in Bulgaria and abroad.
The artist died in 1959.