Lika Yanko

There are different data about Lika Yanko's date of birth in different sources. (1922-1932). Evangelina Lazar Yanko/Lika Yanko Grabova/Lika Yanko was born in Sofia on April 7, 1922/ July 7, 1926/ July 7, 1928/ March 19, 1928/ March 19, 1932 in the family of Efrosina and Lazar Yanko, immigrants from Albania. Lazar Yanko is from the village of Grabova (140 km from the capital Tirana). Lika has a brother Petar and a sister Danka.

1945 (October 6) She was admitted to the Fine arts department of the State Academy of Arts. It is recorded in the General Ledger under No. 605 under the name Evangelina Lazar Yanko. She spend two years in the General course in the Academy.

1947 Evangelina Yanko is in her third year, majoring in Painting in the class of Prof. Iliya Petrov.

1950 (July 7) First official mention of the name Lika in the Protocol Book of the Academic Council. She was allowed to re-enroll the semester, with the instruction to "attend lectures on dialectical and historical materialism."

1951 (March 3) Her father died in a road accident*

(July 3) Defends her thesis with the title TKZS in Albania. Grade 3.

(September 15) She passed the state exam in Marxist-Leninist aesthetics.

(November 12) Receives a diploma of completed Higher education with number 1069.

1952-1975 Works in the field of applied arts.

1958 First works signed with the name Lika.

1960 First participation in an exhibition (Exhibition of Women Artists, Sofia).*

She painted in the Rhodopes and Sozopol.

1961 Her work “Autumn. The yard of the music academy” was accepted into the First National Youth Exhibition.

1962 The painting “Self-Portrait with a Dog” was accepted at OHI' 62, which was later criticized in the press.

1964 Participated in the Exhibition of Sofia Artists with “Self-Portrait”.

1965 Accepted as a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists

1967 First solo exhibition in the gallery at Ruski Street No. 6. Taken down on the seventh day after the opening.

1975 Kiril Krastev takes the French cultural attache to her home. Beginning of sales to diplomats.*

1978-84 Participated with her paintings in the Western trade of the Hemus foreign trade enterprise.

1981 (November - December) Second solo exhibition, in the gallery at Shipka Street No. 6, held under the patronage of Lyudmila Zhivkova.

1989 Third solo exhibition, in the gallery at 6 Shipka St.

1990 Receives the Sofia Award for his solo exhibition from the previous year.*

1993 Solo exhibition at Sezoni Gallery.*

1994 Solo exhibition in Balchik.*

1996 Second prize at the International Painting Triennial, Sofia. Participated with three paintings on a curatorial project by Dimitar Avramov.*

1998 (March) Retrospective exhibition, in the gallery at 6 Shipka St.

1999 (February) Award named after Slavka Deneva under the patronage of Eva and Yordan Sokolovi.*

2000 Dimitar Avramov published the monograph “Lika Yanko”.

2001 (June 15) Seven days before her death, Lika Yanko made a will, with which she donated 128 works to the National Gallery, and 82 works to the Sofia City Art Gallery. Prof. Dimitar Avramov, Associate Professor Katerina Karaivanova and the artist Ivet Kuyumdzhieva are included in the commission for the execution of the will. The donations included a condition that exhibitions be held every three years.


*data marked with a star are taken from Dimitar Avramov's book Lika Yanko, S., 2000, pp. 66–67.